Welcome to Raine or Shine
the renewable energy experts.

Raine or Shine specialise in the design, supply and installation of combined renewable energy systems, including Off-grid & Self-consumption solutions, Solar Photovoltaic panels (PV, Solar Electricity on and off-grid), Solar Thermal panels (Solar Hot Water), Air Source Source Heat Pumps and Biomass heating systems (wood pellet, wood chip and log batch boilers) along with other renewable energy technologies.

Established in 2005 with our showroom in North Wales, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in domestic, public sector, commercial and community projects.

As a company we pride ourselves in finding bespoke solutions for our clients and have a reputation for our professionalism, reliability and providing consistent sound advice.

Biomass Wood chip boiler Bala, Gwynedd

ETA Biomass Boiler

130 kWth Wood Chip

Blaen Cwnm Timber

Bala, Gwynedd

Mitsubishi heat pump

Mitsubishi heat pump

Solar PV Flintshire Council

50 kWp Solar PV

Flintshire Council

Castell Alun High School


Off-Grid PV & Wind Nannerch, Mold

Off-grid PV & Wind

Nannerch VCP

Mold, Flintshire

Off-Grid Flintshire Council

Off-grid 1.25kW Solar PV

& 300w Wind turbine

Nannerch Primary School

Mold, Flintshire

Solar Photovoltaic North Wales

20 kWp Solar PV

Tweedmill Retail Outlet

St Asaph

ETA Solid Biofuel

Biomass scheme for food processing

Wood Pellet

Lleath Y Llan Cyf


Commercial Solar Photovoltaic

49.5 kWp Solar PV


Solar Photovoltaic Oxford

97 kWp Solar PV



Wood pellet boiler

Biomass Boiler

Wood Pellet

Lleath Y Llan Cyf


Solar PV Wrexham

3.24kWp Solar PV


Solar Hot Water Argyll

Solar Thermal

65m2 Collector Area

Nick & Rachel Loening

ecoYoga Centre, Argyll

Solar PV Whitby

3.96kWp Solar PV

Payback: 10 years

Mark Lewis

Whitby, N. Yorkshire

Solar Photovoltaic Wrexham

Solar PV & Solar Thermal

John Hurst

Cross Lanes, Wrexham

Solar Photovoltaic Llandegla

3.96 kWp Solar PV

Jenny Whitham

Faraway, Llandegla

See the benefits


Burn wood pellets, chips or logs to heat water for community or commercial heating schemes, food processing, central heating, swimming pools, campsites and domestic systems.

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Convert sunlight, the most abundant energy source on the planet directly into electricity, avoid rising energy prices and qualify for FITs.

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Harness free solar energy from the sun which is turned into thermal energy (heat) for community or commercial heating schemes and domestic heating & hot water systems.

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An Off-Grid system can be just one technology or a combination of PV, Wind and Hydro - store the electricity yourself in a bank of batteries to use when you need it.

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Heat pumps absorb heat from the ground or air and transfers it at a higher temperature providing the heating & hot water for domestic, commercial and community schemes.

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A Hydro scheme is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to produce electricity 24 hours a day, with low running costs and minimal maintenance.

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