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Raine or Shine's Off-grid shop is now live, specialises in Off-grid systems for generating heat or electricity. Choose from a wide range of products including Solar PV, Off-grid Solar Thermal, Wind & Hydro Electric, Batteries and Thermal Storage and benefit from our experience and expertise in fully-automated Off-grid Heat and power systems.

Rich, Raine or Shine
Thursday 17th July 2014

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Congratulations, John and Ceilia are the Considerate Green Team of the Year 2014.

John & Ceilia's enthusiasm is an inspiration - "Our 3 star guesthouse powered 100% by renewables won and we were judged best and won Considerate Hotelier Green Team. Last years winner was the SAVOY HOTEL Green team. We are a 3 star with 6 bedrooms. No staff, no help from anyone, just the two of us and a green passion."

Considerate Green Team of the Year 2014

(Sponsored by Berendsen)

Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse (Wales)

The category criterion says green teams can come in all shapes and sizes and this year it is down to two Considerate stalwarts, John & Ceilia Whitehead, owners of Bryn Elltyd, in the foothills of Snowdonia. Their establishment – a beacon of sustainability - has become Carbon Zero. All their energy inputs are from renewable energy sources, hence no effect on climate change.

The end result is a wonderful example of putting considerate principles into practice, and making them work. Why not visit John & Ceilia – you will be inspired!

Rich, Raine or Shine
Thursday 19th June 2014

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Bryn Elltyd Eco guesthouse using our Solar Thermal.

All of us at Raine or Shine wish the best of luck to John and Ceilia at Bryn Elltyd Eco Guesthouse, and we hope all they have achieved is recognised and they win this award. The solar thermal we upgraded is part of a fantastic setup as described in this press release.

Zero carbon, 1883 guesthouse business lines up for UK wide eco award.

Bryn Elltyd eco guesthouse, 700ft up in Snowdonia has made it to the last 3 in the prestigious Considerate Hotelier awards. This national UK competition examines the sustainability and green ethos of, usually much larger hotels. Ceilia and John’s tiny 3 star, 6 bedroom, guesthouse are on a shortlist of 3. Pitted against the likes of the Best Western Hotel chain’ hotel in Suffolk. It does not worry them, last year they competed in the awards against large 20 bed, 5 star hotels. They won and sat next to the Savoy green team to discuss carbon reduction.

Green does not mean compromise as Bryn Elltyd shows. Wi fi, sauna, 3 electric car charge points etc. It is all carbon neutral, all energy comes from renewable. Having had solar panels since 1983 John and Ceilia like to think they tread lightly on the land for their grandchildren. Many organizations discuss climate change and carbon reduction, but this business has acted and runs only on renewable energy.

Heating uses a local wood bye product that is turned to gas and burnt at 900c. Amazingly for a house up a Welsh mountain it has computer inter-grated solar panels that work to make hot water. Other solar arrays make 240v electric. All the work has been done by John or by employing local engineers.

Rain can be a welcome resource here. It is harvested to flush loos and water the garden and there are also two commercial hydro plants within 200m. Sewerage goes through 3 natural biological chambers then a small reed bed and into a duck pond, with ducks. John says " Don't panic the system is smell free and the loo flushing is normal. Bryn Elltyd was built in 1883, had an out side tap in 1983 and has now evolved into carbon neutral. It has been a long adventure using my 25 years experience of teaching technology and engineering. High tech solar integration works, as does low tech conservatories, soaking up the heat into 39inch thick walls and vents to put this warm air into the house. Together with my wife Ceilia we did what most parents dream about. The children went off to uni so we put the house on the market, sold up and moved to this stunning area where we used to holiday. Take care in the Hobbit room, lined with cozy sheep’s wool, turf roofed and dug into the mountain. It has had two marriage proposals in it so far……."

The Considerate Hotelier Awards are in London on 13th June. Snowdonia, Wales and small business everywhere should wish them good luck.

John Whitehead, Bryn Elltyd eco guesthouse
Thursday 12th June 2014

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We switched our accreditation body to NAPIT.

NAPIT is one of the largest MCS Certification Bodies and have several years of experience of delivering pragmatic assessments for Competent Person Schemes. By providing combined access to MCS Approval and Building Regulations self-certification, NAPIT provides a complete solution for the microgeneration installer. We believe this change will ensure our clients have confidence we are providing the best, safest and well regulated service possible.

Changing from ELECSA (ELC 54053) to NAPIT (NAP 22178) does mean that on the MCS register of installers our MCS accreditation appears to start in October 2013, we would like to reassure you that we have been certified MCS installers since March 2010 by ELECSA and this new date shown only represents the change in certifying body. For more details please contact us or the MCS Helpdesk on 0207 0901082.

Rich, Raine or Shine
Wednesday 23rd October 2013

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Raine or Shine awarded 100% Customer Satisfaction by IWA.

IWA, the Independent Warranty we use for our installations, have commended Raine or Shine on our 100% customer satisfaction rating, once again showing that our service is reliable and high quality. As is shown on the certificate we have been presented with, this "demonstrates that the company is meeting the high standards set by Independent Warranty". Be assured this will not let us become complacent as we will continue to provide the high quality service through design, installation and commissioning and show the same 100% in 2014.

Rich, Raine or Shine
Wednesday 24th July 2013

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The heat is finally on for the domestic RHI.

The DECC announced today Phase 2 of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme for domestic properties. We can help you take advantage of the RHI as MCS accredited installers of Solar Thermal, Air Source Heat Pumps and Biomass such as wood chip or wood pellet boilers.

Any installation of the eligible technologies after 15th July 2009 qualify for the RHI, if MCS certified with evidence of a green tick in the property owner's Green Deal assessment. Property owners will have to apply once they have completed a Green Deal assessment and ensured that loft insulation is min. 250mm and cavity walls are insulated if applicable. The installation must be 'meter ready' should the DECC request their own metering equipment is to be installed, in which case you would get a further annual payment of £230 for heat pumps and £200 for biomass boilers.

Tariffs are paid quarterly over 7 years (although they account for the expected cost of renewable heat generated over 20 years), and are set at 19.2p/kWh for Solar Thermal, 12.2p/kWh for Biomass boilers and 7.3p/kWh for air source heat pumps.

Rich, Raine or Shine
Friday 12th July 2013

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