Wind Turbines

Wind generators convert energy of wind into kinetic (movement) energy; this then powers a generator to produce electricity.

Nearly 40% of the wind in Europe travels across the UK, and providing you have the right location and space.A typical system in an exposed site could easily generate more power than your lights and electrical appliances use.

There are two types of domestic-sized wind turbine:

Pole mounted

these are free standing and are erected in a suitably exposed position, with outputs ranging from 1kW to 15kW.

Building mounted

these are smaller than pole mounted systems and can be installed on the roof of a home where there is a suitable wind resource. Often these are around 500 Watts to 2kW in size.

At Raine or Shine we will be able to advise, supply and install your wind turbine and also guide you through the selection process.

Wind Turbine 6m Tower Diagram

Wind Turbine 6m Tower Diagram

Some of the benefits

  • Ideal for remote locations and with Off-Grid installations.
  • Can be used as a combined system with PV and Hydro.
  • Cut your electricity bills, reduce your green house gas emissions.
  • Potentially generate electricity day and night.